zooModern is an American brand that specializes in the design and development of natural wooden animals that help kids learn about their outdoor world. Our passion is to help your kids live naturally and learn about nature through our wooden animals.


We develop modern wooden toy animals for babies and children. All zooModern toys are designed to create a safe, educational environment, which inspires imagination and grows to meet your child’s ongoing developmental needs. We use our knowledge in Children’s Education to create the world’s best playful and sustainable solution at affordable prices.


Our wood production facilities are at the heart of sustainability; using a tree and planting a tree. Our wool is from sheep raised in New Zealand and hand-stitched from a non-profit organization that helps women artisans. We pay a premium so that they can find support. We print all our graphics using food-safe inks. This ensures our contemporary and playful collection of animals lives up to our demands of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.


The first zooModern toys shipped globally and we sold out within the first few months. Whoa!  So we stepped back, reevaluated our approach, and are now focused directly on you, who demand and appreciate quality.

At Haywüd we care about simplicity, run by two with a passion for handmade. We offer a range of kind-to-earth keepsakes, which are designed to inspire and spark a smile. Their journey started just over 2 years ago by designing their Zoo Modern wooden animals with playful charm. Since then, this duo has expanded to offer a growing range of beautiful wooden animal pieces to hand down as a keepsake.


I can make this World a little Bigger. If I give back in a positive way, the earth will grow just a little bit larger. If I can relay a message to another that is fun, playful, engaging, and be a teachable moment, then the world will gain from this. If I can convey positive messages that emphasize the fun qualities of nature; the smiles in the ocean waves, the branches holding my hand in support as I walk through the woods, the musical sounds played off a waterfall, the way a frog’s ribbit can make you smile… We want to embrace this and do what we can to help our world grow a little more outstanding. 


Glen Hay is an American toy maker known for creating handmade wooden toys, and one of the world’s best-selling wooden toy designers. In addition to his own workshop in Northern New Jersey, he also had a long relationship as a toy designer with the US toy company Toys R Us, leading the design of over $500M in sales annually. Most recently he founded his newest company, zooModern, which is focused on capturing the animal world in wooden form crafted in a fresh, modern, and creative way. With philanthropy and conservation central to the drive, his goal is to donate to both humans and nature.

Born in the farmlands of Ohio, at the age of 18 he published his first comic strip in the local newspaper titled Edna, named after both his Grandmothers, about the antics of an elderly lady. He faltered as a photographer at Ohio University and the expense of equipment at the time, and after only his second year dropped out after spotting an advertisement (in the back of a comic book) for the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning. He again dropped out after his second year for lack of funds to return. He took on many odd jobs to get by like street sign painting and t-shirt printing, but soon after, made an impression on children with his early designs in the children’s apparel industry. His work soon caught the attention of the Jim Henson Company, which taught him independent design and old-school craftsmanship. He moved forward to work with the Sesame Street crew handling their overseas cast of characters and learning the culture of the European markets. Most recently he worked at Toys R Us, helping contribute to designing their “Most Profitable Toy for the Entire Year”, against the likes of Lego, Hasbro, or Mattel. 

Motivated as a father looking to find quality toys for his own two children, and wanting to pass something along to their own children, squeaky looking rubber animals and celluloid rattles did not satisfy him. Haywüd was born from an appreciation for superior craftsmanship, beautiful aesthetics, incredible form, and above all …making someone smile.

The grain of the wood is one of the most amazing design features ever, and if you can share that to the eyes of a child and let them experience that beauty, then you should.

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At zoo Modern Toys, we believe that play should be free from rules, expectations, and predetermined narratives. Kids need space to explore, relax, laugh, and have fun. To imagine and create new worlds should be at the center of every child. It is so vital for them to discover themselves, and learn who they really are and this is why it is important to make time to set aside screens and schedules, to allow the exploration, discovery, and happiness of the moment.


zooModern felt animals are our own original design of hand-crafted play animals, made to last a lifetime. We design our felt animals in our New Jersey studio and work with a family-owned wood furniture maker to turn these classic wooden peg dolls, finished in non-toxic water-based paints. Our carpenter uses sustainably-harvested trees; when one tree is used, another is planted.

The removable Snap-on, Snap-off cape can be interchangeable. We work with only zooModern trained women artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal to help us reproduce our designs. Each doll is carefully hand-sewn from start to finish. zooModern trains and employs skilled artisans to hand-sew each felt animal using pure wool from New Zealand, making them perfect for kids of all ages. zooModern is owned and run by Glen and Linda Hay in Northern New Jersey.

This new style of felt animal is a great addition to our best-selling Safari Series. It is a high-quality, birch hardwood toy that is perfect for your little nature lover! With a removable, Snap-On Snap-Off Cape, this felt animal will bring all-day imaginative play to your family.

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