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Planting Seeds

planting seeds

2020 was a terrible year for too many people. So much trauma, dislocation, and illness. Everyone has their own stories, and everyone suffered (unevenly and unfairly) from the extraordinary shifts in our lives. My own story being in midtown Manhattan during 9/11, and now becoming aware the same has been inflicted on a global scale as … Read more

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Fishy Wood

fishy wood

Calling it a Wooden Toy does not always make it so… I’ve observed that not all wood is created equal when it comes to a permanent and sustainable wooden toy. Saying REAL WOOD on a product does not always make it so. Yes, it passes all the guidelines in place to be called wood. But do … Read more

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What the VOC?


No, really, what is VOC? Volatile Organic Compounds That fresh paint smell is actually a nasty chemical that is evaporating into air fumes. These chemicals are called VOCs and are often leftover from the manufacturing process of common household items. These fume-emitting toxins dissipate with time, it is a slow process and can be dangerous. … Read more

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Safe Wood

safe wood for childrens toys

Safe Wooden Toys use Safe Wooden Trees Choose the Best Wood for your toys. Going to the local lumber store or big box improvement centers to buy wood to make toys is a bit reckless. Much of the wood at the local store is chemically treated and mainly used for construction or outdoor projects. A … Read more

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