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We are a family trying to help other families, so we partner with a Nonprofit Organization that allow artisan women to earn a reliable, fair living wage, and to gain experience that can add benefits to all aspects of their life. With every zooModern animal, you help us give back to the workers that make our products, allowing them to invest in their families and communities, and we are humbly grateful. ❤


We are happy to support makers & companies that make their products in smaller quantities and believe in the same ethos as us. We choose sustainable new growth wood that adheres to a sustainable environment. We also use reclaimed Rubberwood, which the farmers use for latex, and then upcycle the wood to make toys.


Please know that wood is an organic element and no two pieces are alike. There are imperfections in the wood, as is their nature. It is our nature to give you the best quality we can.


We follow all safety guidelines and require all paint used to be infant-safe to ensure our products meet or exceed industry standards.

Our products meet ASTM Child Safety Standards.

Our CPSC Registration Number: 040444-122021

If you have concerns or questions, we encourage you to contact us directly, either by emailing us at or calling us at +1-201-407-0909.


Our organic materials and are the result of a highly considered, 360-degree understanding of the design process. We introduce an endearing collection of animal figures made from sustainable hardwood and organic soft 100% wool imported from New Zealand.

We believe that machine-made helps the world run smoothly, but designed by hand makes it wonderful and alive.

zooModern was founded simply out of our love for nature. With every wooden animal purchased, zooModern delivers a donation to save an animal. Our goal is to help save wildlife, protect habitats and inspire community conservation actions.
After having our own children, our priorities completely shifted to making sure that all of their needs were met. With this came the importance of a better understanding that the animal world is vital to our own self-needs. Watching our kids grow brought back memories of my own stories of
As a child, I gathered small fish in the creek to catch, feed & release them. I moved an entire anthill into our garage attic to warm the colony from the cold winter; a little older and a little wiser, I’ve made it part of my company’s mission to give back to animal welfare organizations through animal adoption platforms. We started an ongoing program that uses a percentage of each sale to help people in both sustainable development and conservation efforts globally.
At zooModern, we are a small family business. But no matter how small, we can do our part to help animals. We have been incredibly blessed to see all of your support for our small business year after year. This has enabled us to use our shop to help give back. When you browse through our website, you will see an animal associated with each product. Each animal will be directly affected by your purchase. This tells you who, through your purchase, we can donate to our non-profit partner.  Make sure to come back and check on the progress!

Thank you for following our journey and supporting our business!
Glen & Linda

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