Planting Seeds

2020 was a terrible year for too many people. So much trauma, dislocation, and illness. Everyone has their own stories, and everyone suffered (unevenly and unfairly) from the extraordinary shifts in our lives. My own story being in midtown Manhattan during 9/11, and now becoming aware the same has been inflicted on a global scale as deep as the depth of the unfathomable ocean.

And yet, seeds were planted. Five or ten or twenty years from now, people will remember, and cry, and reflect on projects that were started, connections that were established, realizations that occurred. Doors were opened, babies were born and changes were made.

Few people celebrate forest fires, but we’re all eager to walk through the arcadian scenes that follow.

If you were kept from planting all the seeds you hoped to in 2020, that’s okay. Because the best time to plant more seeds is always right now. Or perhaps tomorrow.

2021 is upon us. We have new ideas on the horizon. We are extending our line by bringing back our popular Woodland Family as well as so much more.

I cannot look back and think “I did my best” because there are more that were stronger.

Thank you to each of them, and to you. For caring and for leading.

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