Stack-a-Cats is the result of my collaboration with educators to impart learning in a subtle way. I created Nine Cats and Three Balls of Yarn that nest together in endless combinations. In this way, each shape creates timeless play. As soon as I had worked through the shape, I had to find the best animal to match it.


natural wooden stacking cats

9 Cats, 3 Yarn Balls & a Cotton Gift Bag

Hand-chiseled from birch wood on an electric lathe, each face is screened on me, using infant-safe water-based paint. Each doll is unique and safe for little hands. I design each animal cape in my Glen Rock studio and work with women artisans in Nepal to help me hand-stitch each cape. I use sustainably-harvested trees from Maine; when one tree is used, two are planted. Our team includes zooModern-trained craftswomen, from Nepal to Glen Rock, with each doll carefully hand-carved and hand-stitched from start to finish.  I created the construction of the gift box and illustrated the outside.

Woodland Kokeshi Doll

Polar Kokeshi Doll


Award yourself with Emmy and Oscar, our current members of the PUPPY CLUB. These adorable dogs are Star Performers, with an elastic band to allow little fingers to swivel the ears around in playful expressions. They are crafted from rock-hard, sustainable hardwood and have a soft, beeswax finish applied.

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