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Help your kids learn about nature, help the environment, and pass along animal toys to their own someday. zooModern was created by Glen Hay, a maker of sensible Handmade Wooden Animals that are unlike anything else out there.

Kokeshi Animals

It’s time to Dress the Part!

Make your new Peg Animal your own by adding from our assortment of Hats & Scarves.

Puppy Club: Starring Emmy & Oscar


From Around The Globe

My parcel of little friends arrived today and how wonderful to open the package and meet the 4 little creatures. They are absolutely gorgeous. The packaging is also amazing. Thank you again for such an amazing product.

Obsessed with your animals. They are so much larger than we expected and my daughter has them both resting on her pillow. I’m so glad I found your page.

Woop! I would like to say how much I have appreciated my purchase. I bought three of the Lions as gifts and delivered two so far. They both commented on how unique and cute they were. Big score for me!

We design it, we build it, and, it’s better for nature and better for all of us. zooModern is an American company that makes solid natural wooden Animals that are durable and non-toxic. There are no manuals, just snap on the cape for open-ended discovery for all ages.

The Main Characters

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